About NDRA

From South Street and the Downtown Mall to the 250 Bypass, and from McIntire and Birdwood Road in the west to Kelly Avenue in the east, North Downtown is located in the heart of Charlottesville.

The North Downtown Residents Association is our neighborhood’s voice in matters of community and neighborhood concern, uniting the thoughts and concerns of many into one voice that speaks for the neighborhood as a whole. We need your ideas, your suggestions, your help, and we welcome your support.

Unless we make our opinions known on issues of common concern, neighborhood interests can easily be ignored or simply taken for granted. The NDRA serves as a clearinghouse for information, a forum for discussion of neighborhood issues and a vehicle for making our concerns known to those who make decisions. Join us and make your voice heard.

Current Neighborhood Issues

November 16, 2015

City Accepting Neighborhood Grant Applications - “Pre Review” Deadline 11/30

The Neighborhood Grant Program encourages City residents to collaboratively identify and actively participate in making improvements in their neighborhoods.  Community involvement and building relationships are key components of the program and are encouraged by suggesting that the project budget include a match amount equal to, or greater than, the grant request; coordination with and support of your neighborhood association; and documentation of neighbor support.  Demonstrating responsible stewardship of our community assets while balancing our community’s social and environmental values are additional components of any project proposal submitted.

All applications are required to go through a “pre-review” prior to submitting a final application.  The pre-review deadline is Monday, November 30, 2015.  Applicants that fail to meet the pre-review deadline will not have their projects considered for funding.  Feedback will be provided by December 4, 2015 regarding your project’s consistency with existing policies, plans, standards and work practices.

Application Materials for the Neighborhood Matching Grant Program are Available via the following link:

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October 26, 2015

Water Line Work in North Downtown

Beginning 10/23, the City’s contractor will begin work to replace the water meter vault that serves 511 1st Street North. This work will take approximately 1 week to complete, not including concrete and asphalt restoration, which will occur the following week.  The contractor has already installed the first part of the Hedge Street waterline earlier this month and is currently wrapping up the digging of test holes over existing utilities. Once the work at 1st Street is complete, the contractor will fully mobilize to Hedge Street to complete the water line project. The scope of the project is to install a new waterline from Park Street to 4th Street NE. All existing services will be reconnected to the new line, once it is installed and has passed bacterial and pressure tests. The project will cause some parking and traffic disruptions to Hedge Street. Additionally, there may be an additional water disruption to some residents. Prior notification will be provided for any water disruptions.

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October 26, 2015

Charlottesville Fiscal Year 2017 Citizen Budget Survey - Available Online

The following link will take you to the online version of Citizen Budget Survey:

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July 25, 2015

A Few Tips from a Patrol Officer When Walking Alone, Leaving Home Unoccupied

While we work to get additional information on some recent incidents in and around the neighborhood, wanted to share some helpful tips from one of the patrol officers for those that walk to/from the downtown area during evening hours: 
• Highly recommended walking in groups
• Keep your head up (no texting/looking at phone or in bags) and swivel to assess surroundings
• If you see someone approaching or across the street, make eye contact (this ensures they are aware that you have seen their face)
• Continually evaluate surroundings
• Carry a light with you

Given some recent break-ins, a few considerations (some of which may be obvious but worth double checking) include:
• Ensure all doors and windows are locked
• Leave some lights on, including front door (perhaps on timers)
• Notify nearby neighbors of your travel plans so they have heightened awareness of unusual activity

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June 28, 2015

Robbery at Intersection of West High and Altamont Circle - Friday, June 26th

Charlottesville police are investigating an incident at W. High St. and Altamont Circle after a man was attacked, threatened with a knife,  and robbed of his wallet Friday night (June 26th) by two middle-aged men.  If anyone has information about the incident or sees any additional suspicious activity around the neighborhood you are asked to call crime stoppers at 977-4000.

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June 23, 2015

City Addressing Concerns Re. Park Street/Route 250 Ramps Signal Implementation

NDRA has reached out to the City with concerns brought forward by neighbors including but not limited to the timing/logic of the lights and the resulting extensive backups causing access and through traffic issues for neighborhood side streets. City staff has responded to this communication with the following: “...crews have been working on addressing signal timing and detection equipment issues since their installation on June 10th and that many of issues were resolved around 8pm on Thursday, June 18th.  More green time and better coordination allows more through traffic on Park Street, detection cameras are ensuring vehicles on the ramps are not backing up onto 250, and improved operations are no longer causing extensive backups.  Traffic Engineers have been on-site as well as City staff to observe that they were properly functioning in both the AM and PM peak – as well as throughout the day and evening.  We will continue to monitor the signals to ensure this timing and coordination is maintained.”

Program manager Jeanette Janiczek will be at the Park Street Interchange observing traffic flow from 4-6pm on Wednesday, July 1st if any resident would like to discuss a particular concern regarding these signals. 

Posted by Heather Hill

January 30, 2015

Use of Pesticides & Safer Chemical Management Policies

NDRA has been discussing the use of lawn and garden pesticides in Charlottesville and recently sent a letter to the City Council asking them to adopt safer chemical management policies that will reduce the use of all types of pesticides in city parks, school yards, and other public property. Our Board would also like to encourage local residents to reduce or eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in their homes, lawns, and gardens. Below is a list of safer alternatives that can be used to effectively control unwanted pests. To learn more about safer methods for controlling weeds, invasive plants, insects, rodents, etc. please contact John Cruickshank at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 434 973-0373

Safer alternatives for the control of:
- Weeds and invasive plants: Burnout II, Scythe, corn gluten meal, heat weeding machines (Red Dragon), hand pull
- Poison Ivy: San Gabriel’s Poison Ivy, Scythe, heat weeding machines (Red Dragon), hand pull with caution
- Insects: mixture of boric acid and jelly, sealing and caulking entry areas
- Rodents: mouse and rat traps, sealing and caulking entry areas, house cat
- Disinfecting: hydrogen peroxide & vinegar in spray bottles are effective disinfectants
- General Cleaning: Bon Ami Powder Cleanser, Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds, Ecover Cream Scrub, Whole Foods Market All Purpose Cleaner (EWG.org has many more examples)

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October 17, 2014

Energize!Charlottesville Community Campaign

Good news! Charlottesville has been selected as a Quarterfinalist in the Georgetown University Energy Prize, a national energy savings competition to win a $5 million grand prize! Learn about the Energize!Charlottesville community campaign to win, pledge your support, and give feedback on the proposed game plan for community energy savings at energizecharlottesville.org. Game plans are due at the beginning of November, so send us your comments soon! 

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May 9, 2014

Dominion Smart Meter Deployment

Between now and Spring 2015, Dominion will be upgrading the Charlottesville area to new, advanced metering technologies. 

For additional information visit dom.com/smartmeter. 

If you have any additional questions you can call Maya Kumazawa, Public Works Program Coordinator, at (434) 970-3301

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February 6, 2014

Car Larcenies in the City of Charlottesville - Increase In & Tips

Over the past 10 days the Charlottesville Police Dept. has investigated more than 14 cases of car larcenies throughout
various city neighborhoods. Some of those were in the Fry Springs area, Lewis Mountain and Locust-Grove neighborhoods. 
There is a common theme to these reported cases.  More than 90 % of the cases reported,  the cars were left unlocked and
the items reported stolen were electronic devices, a purse and currency and coins left in the console area of the cars.
Some unlocked cars were ransacked and pilfered through looking for valuables, although nothing was found missing.
We are asking for the community’s help to deter and address this problem. 

Simple tips,
1.) Lock your vehicle.
2.) Leave your exterior house lights on,  if you don’t have motion detector lights.
3.) Remove your valuables from the car.
4.) Never leave anything of value in your car in plain sight. 
5.) If you see or hear anything suspicious in your neighborhood, call the police to investigate.

Anyone with information about these cases is asked to please call Crime Stoppers at (434) 977-4000

Posted by Heather Hill

December 17, 2013

NDRA Facebook Page

The North Downtown Residents Association now has a Facebook page. “Like” us at

You have been asking about communication within the neighborhood and a lot of residents do not want their email address public. This way, you can casually communicate and only those interested in signing up (“like”) will see your posting. We will be making our page more robust in 2014 and look forward to having your follow us as well as contribute! 

We strongly recommend that you sign up under the RSS logo for “email updates” of NDRA and City postings on this website’s Home Page.  http://www.northdowntown.org
This website is how we communicate with the neighborhood as the official face and voice of NDRA.

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November 7, 2013

NDRA/ND Membership

We welcome you to NDRA (North Downtown Residents Association), to strengthen your voice in City matters and to encourage your input into what NDRA says and does on behalf of our neighborhood. We ask that you become/renew your membership by either making a payment using PayPal at the “Join NDRA” in the upper right-hand column of the webpage http://www.northdowntown.org or send a $20 check (per household) to PO Box 1739, Charlottesville, 22902. Please include you email address on the check.

Thank you for supporting your neighborhood association.

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March 24, 2013

Crimes in North Downtown and Public Safety

Sign-up and receive email when crimes are committed in the North Downtown area at http://www.Charlottesville.org  under Departments (Police).
On the “Police” home page in big red letters at the top click on “Crimeview” and apply.

You should start receiving email that lists the crimes within your area (Sign up for 1 mile radius.)

Personal property crimes appear to be on the increase. We have asked you to report it. If you choose not to call 911, you can call the police non-emergency number or report it on-line. (See below.)

He [Chief Longo] asks that we help by reporting the incidents: “It is important that all of these incidents get reported. Citizens can either call the non-emergency number at 434-977-9041, or go on line to our website http://www.charlottesville,org/police and report incidents on-line.”

PLEASE, please report any crime to city police, no matter how small.

1. Police can establish crime patterns
2. Increase patrol where crime increases
3. Crime statistics data
4. Support Chief Logo’s request for increase funding

Council allocates funds for festivals, but not public safety needs.

On the City’s Annual Survey, “Public Safety” is always one of the top three. The funding is not commensurate with the need.

Posted by Colette Hall