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While we work to get additional information on some recent incidents in and around the neighborhood, wanted to share some helpful tips from one of the patrol officers for those that walk to/from the downtown area during evening hours:

  • Highly recommended walking in groups
  • Keep your head up (no texting/looking at phone or in bags) and swivel to assess surroundings
  • If you see someone approaching or across the street, make eye contact (this ensures they are aware that you have seen their face)
  • Continually evaluate surroundings
  • Carry a light with you

Given some recent break-ins, a few considerations (some of which may be obvious but worth double checking) include:

  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked
  • Leave some lights on, including front door (perhaps on timers)
  • Notify nearby neighbors of your travel plans so they have heightened awareness of unusual activity